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ABC mouse is offering free membership now. Code : SCHOOL7771
will be putting a bunch of unrehearsed, unscripted, off-the-cuff, slightly wacky garden trainings and info sessions on-line for your viewing pleasure and acquisition of gardening knowledge (basically our official gardening training, but in a virtual format, and free for all). Spring is upon us and it's almost time to plant! PLUS, our very own Executive Director, Lara Lepionka, will be hosting our first-ever virtual story hour to keep your littles entertained and focused on growing food!
Wee Ones Story Hour online, 9am today Pre-School Story Hour online, 10am today via Facebook Live. Wednesday's
5 at home Frozen science activities
Free online learning tools
Virtual Field Trips
School Day for Free
Virtual Museum Tours
NASA Media Library
Theatre/Dance Instruction
Education, Consulting, Advocacy & Legal Services LLC
Virtual tutors